Meet The Team

Richard ‘The Hatchet’ Stimpson

Co-founder Richard Stimpson is one third of Axed.

Found mainly in his workshop with a saw in hand and man glitter in his beard.

Richard designs and builds our axe lanes, not only for you guys to have axe-treme fun, but always with your safety in mind.

Richard spent many years in event production, giving him a passion for building anything creative and quirky. More recently leaving the event world to build his own escape room site and in turn this led into him building escape rooms around the country for others.


Part of the team that built the 2019 Red Bull Escape Room World Championship.
Used to be a drummer in a metal band.
Once ate 2 large cooked breakfasts in one sitting.

Favourite Axed game


Tom ‘Tomahawk’ Owen

Co-founder Tom first tried Axe Throwing in 2017 in Poland, had so much fun so decided to
bring the idea to the UK.

He is the businessman of the threesome, owning his first business in 2008 and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Businesses in Recruitment, Property and Entertainment sector.

Tom is a family man and spends most of his spare time with his partner and 2 children travelling the world.


Have played over 300 escape rooms across Europe
Manager of a junior football team
Chocolate lover, managed to eat 24 Crème Eggs in a row
Brother In Law of Richard
Best friend of Ben

Favourite Axed game

Around the World

Ben ‘Big Axe’ Whitehand

Ben worked in operational HR for over 12 years across hospitality and entertainment industries. Some have been known to refer to him as the ‘HR Oracle’ travelling far and wide for his priceless advice.

Ben is an avid brunch eater, businessman extraordinaire and Axepert, in that order. He’s the back office chief of the business, ensuring everyone stays safe.

When not managing Axed, Ben can be found exploring the country and posting nothing about it on Instagram.


Favourite Superhero is Batman
Practices Wing Chun Kung Fu
Has a concerning addiction to Tea

Favourite Axed game

Battle Axe