Social Gameplay Rules

safety area

Lane Safety

The safety of all our customers and teams is paramount to us. To ensure that the Venue is a safe
place to enjoy sinking some Axes, the following safety rules must be adhered to:

  • Only one player in the throwing zone at all times
  • All other players must stay in the safety zone
  • Only one player can pick up and throw at any one time
  • Only throw in the direction of the target
  • Only retrieve your axes from the target once you have thrown all three axes
  • Retrieve your axes at the target from top to bottom
  • Always return your axes to the axe block after your turn
  • Hold your axe by the handle, never the blade
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and never put yourself in the line of fire of an axe

General Gameplay

The following rules apply to all games.

  • An individual turn consists of three axes thrown at the Target
  • Each player takes it in turns to throw their three axes
  • Some part of your body must remain behind the Throwing Line whilst throwing. We recommend part of your foot!
  • If any part of the blade touches the Target Line, it is classified as a hit
  • If an axe falls out of the target, it’s a no score. This includes being dislodged by another axe
  • The ‘Killshot’ must be called before the throw. If it’s not successful, it’s a no score
  • Note: Some Game types may have slightly different scoring rules

The Target Scoring is shown as below:

target board diagram


When visiting Axed you are expected to behave in a respectful manner towards the Venue and other people around you. Axed have the right to terminate, without notice, your game and ask you to
leave the premise if you behaviour is considered unacceptable by a member of staff. This includes
but is not limited to vandalism, violence, abusive behaviour, discrimination or any other act that is
deemed inappropriate. If such an incident occurs, you will not be entitled to any refunds.

We reserve the right to refuse play on the day of your event with no refund if you or any of your
party are believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Axed does not accept any liability
for any accidents that may be caused if you or any of your party are under the influence of Alcohol
or Drugs. We reserve the right to stop play and terminate your session with no refund if you or any
of your party do not follow instructions from any member of the Axed team. We accept no liability
for any damage caused by any member of your group and will seek to claim compensation as a
result of your actions.